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18 Ene Photocentric 3D

Photocentric have two manufacturing sites, employing 50 people in Peterborough, UK and 25 in Phoenix, USA. We are a specialist in photopolymer, reacting our own oligomers and blending them in in-house vessels. Our traditional market has been supplying photopolymer for the printing and craft markets, including in our patented, easy to use imagepac sachets. They also design and produce the machines to use our products in.

Photocentric started looking at Additive Manufacturing in 2013 when we were awarded a UK Govt. Innovate grant to develop a new type of 3D printer.  The concept was simple; use an unmodified LCD screen emitting pure daylight, without any UV, as the imaging source and make it functional with highly active photopolymer. This concept has become a reality and is the basis of the Liquid Crystal 3D printer we manufacture today- it’s elegant, simple and powerful.

Samuel Casavella had developed all Photocentric Brands, websites, packaging, catalogs, and much more.

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